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coffee-grinder-reviewRandyJonesBB.com is a blog authored primarily by Randy Jones.  We also have a number of guest bloggers and interviewees who help to shape the RandyJones site.

Topics found on RandyJonesBB –  family, infused water recipes, travel, gluten-free living, Amazon product and book reviews and any topic that strikes our fancy.

RandyJonesBB began in November of 2009 and has continued to grow and diversify as time passes!

About Randy Jones

Randy is a thirty-something dad of two wonderful children.  He lives in Miami with his wife Sandra and the kids. He has no pets, unless you count the dust bunnies that gather while he’s blogging instead of dusting.  Randy often gets homesick for Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up and his family still lives…

Randy Jones loves exploring new places and taking his kids out to enjoy the world around them!  His philosophy is that the world is a classroom and every minute you spend in it you are learning!  He is also passionate about sharing his opinions about products, books, services and more!

What Kind Of Reviews Can You Expect

Randy Jones reviews all kinds of products. He tends to think of himself as an expert in a few different categories, including kitchen supplies, infuser water bottles, home products, auto parts, and more. So you can expect to see coffee grinder reviews, silicone ice cube tray reviews, toothbrush reviews, and more.

If you have a specific product you want us to review, give us a shout!


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