Silicone Ice Molds & Trays for Hard Candy

Everybody loves to cool down with ice cold beverages – but regular ice cubes are just so boring. With the amount of cool and creative ice cube trays available these days, why should you settle for some square option? You shouldn’t. That’s why we took the time to hunt down the top 3 coolest ice cube trays available. From lego figures and superheroes all the way to ice cube shot glasses, we’ve got it all here. All that’s left to do is pour yourself a drink.

Lego Ice Cube & Hard Candy Mold


Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? This ice try is perfect for all ages. Measuring in at 7 inches, the silicone tray lets you create 10 LEGO ice bricks at a time. If you buy the set, you can also make little lego figurines too.

This is great for lego birthday parties, baby showers, or any other fun kid related occasion. Not only can you make ice though, this set is great for making crayons, soap, candles, and much more.



Shot Glass Ice Tray

Shot-Glass-Ice-Tray-setPossibly the coolest offering on the list, this tray lets you create a shot glass made entirely of ice. Just fill it with water like any ordinary tray, and without hours you could be taking ice cold shots of your favorite alcohol.

These make a perfect gift for college kids, or people who love drinking in the sun. Never take a shot of hot liquor again!



This tray is perfect for gun lovers! Now you can express your love for firearms without ruffling any feathers. This tray pumps out 10 harmless assault rifle bullets to let you serve up some deadly drinks


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